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Is a unique space that allows carrying out various types of work and research (technical and economic analysis of projects, design of components and devices of any industry, analysis of stakeholders, etc.) in projects from any industry.
The team of the lab
Director of the center
Petr Mukhachev
PhD student
Nikita Veliev
Systems Engineer
Research and industrial projects
What is Eurobot ? An amazing event gathering fun, high technology, friendship, creativity, education and passion!
Created in 1998, Eurobot is an international amateur robotics contest open to teams of young people, organised either in student projects or in independent clubs. What has to be done? To participate in the competition the team needs to design and make two autonomous robots. The robots must complete specific tasks in a minute and 30 seconds and earn maximum points. At the same time the team must solve a number of specific tasks and to complete a full cycle of development and production of the robot." For further information visit:
Swarm Drones Project
We propose a novel interaction strategy for human-swarm communication where a human operator guides a formation of quadrotors with impedance interlines and receives tactile feedback.
Intelligent Space Robotics Laboratory realised commercial project for Deckatlon company. Autonomous mobile platform, designed to navigate in rooms with dynamic environments. This collaborative robot can conduct stocktaking procedures using RFID marks. Great features are - aI mission planning, multiple markers available (RFID, QR, etc.), up to 400 scans per hour, automated recharging, obstacle avoidance system, beacon–enabled indoor navigation, full customization to client's infrastructure.
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